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Ms. Barrett

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This school year, Civics classes will be extraordinarily busy preparing for High School.  Our third nine weeks will take us through the topics of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of our government.  Students continue to be encouraged to become informed about the world around them and the country in which they live by actively participating in class, completing assignments, doing homework, and watching or reading the news.

Computers must be charged at home and brought to class daily, as well as a binder for Civics only, a pouch with a pencil and  5 colored pencils. Having the necessary materials will help students succeed access the information needed to succeed. If getting a binder is an economic hardship, please contact me and we can work on getting each student a binder.  I do have colored pencils in the classroom, but students always like to use their own.

As we enter the coldest days of the year, please encourage your students to wear appropriate clothing suitable for the weather.