Work Permit Information and Instructions
     Below are the instructions to obtain a Virginia Worker's Permit, now called the Employment Certificate.
While the School Counseling Department does not issue or involve itself with the process of obtaining a Work Permit/ Worker's Permit/ Employment Certificate, we provide this information to assist. Please contact us or the Department of Labor and Industry with your questions, or visit this website for more information:

Important Notes:
1. School Counseling departments no longer issue Worker's Permits in Virginia.

2. Families and invested adults should discuss with their student the balance among academics, having a job, and maintaining other healthy activities.

3. Students should discuss with their adults their desire to work before applying for jobs.

4. Students must interview for and be hired for a job before they can be issued a Worker's Permit/Work Permit/ Employment Certificate. This is different than years past, where the permit is issued first by the school. The Department of Labor and Industry must process and approve the permit application before a child 14 or 15 years old can begin working.

5. Students who would like assistance with interview skills, preparing for the workforce, or maintaining work-life balance can speak with their School Counselor or trusted adults.