Hello, my name is Coach Smith I teach 6-8th grade Health and Physical Education. This is my 2nd year at Breckinridge and 6th year teaching. In my class I hope to encourage and promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth. I look forward to the fun and exciting things to come this year!

James Breckinridge Middle School

Health and Physical Education Syllabus



Welcome to Breckinridge Health and PE!  This program is an exploration of physical activity, fitness, sport, and personal wellness. By participating in developmentally appropriate physical activities and engaging in health lessons focused on the four domains of learning, students will gain the skills to make health enhancing decisions and reduce health risk behaviors for a lifetime.  Get ready for an active and exciting year.  We look forward to having you in class!


Health and Physical Education Teachers

  • Mr. Rankin ([email protected])
  • Ms. Bias ([email protected])
  • Coach Smith ([email protected])
  • Coach Ashford ([email protected])



  • PE - Gym
  • Health - The Cottages, aka “Health Room”.
  • 540-853-2251


    Learning Goals:

  • I can move confidently, competently, and creatively in a variety of physical activities.
  • I can use health related information to establish lifelong personal wellness habits.
  • I can recognize the physical, mental, and social benefits of physical activity.
  • I can analyze health information to make health enhancing decisions.
  • I can use health skills and strategies to enhance my personal well-being and build respectful relationships.


    Classroom Procedures & Expectations:

  • Students are expected to follow district, school, and Health/PE departmental routines and procedures. 
  • Students are expected to attend class on time with all needed materials for class – pencil, pen, and paper. Students will enter the gym and health classes quietly and sit in their assigned spot/desk before the bell rings.  Late entry without a pass will be marked tardy.  Students should be seated and not up moving around the classroom. Students will be expected to complete all assignment and submit them on time.
  • Students will observe the 10-10 rule.  Each student will sign in and out and must obtain a pass before leaving the classroom.

    Safe Environment:

  • Students are expected to follow district, school, and Health/PE departmental safety guidelines.  No cell phone, ear buds, gaming devices, gum, food and drinks are allowed during class.
  • Students must have proper athletic footwear and clothing for participation.  Students will be given a written assignment in the event they do not participate due to improper footwear and clothing.
  • Students are expected to take care of all equipment and classroom materials and be used when directed by the teacher.
  • Respect the rights and property of others.No harassment, discrimination, and bullying will be tolerated.



  • Students will use Chromebooks for class assignments, when directed by the teacher.
  • Students are expected to follow classroom technology expectations set forth by the district, the school, and the Health and PE department. Students are not permitted to photograph or record video at any time during class.
  • Personal devices should be stowed away in book bags. It is the responsibility of the student for any theft, loss, or damage that may occur during class.


Behavior Consequences (Low level rereferrals will be written for each discipline):

  • 1st – Student/Teacher Conversation
  • 2nd – Parent Contact
  • 3rd – ASD
  • 4th – Referral

Any instance of severe disruption of class or misbehavior will result in the student’s immediate disciplinary referral to the Administration


Grading and Assessment:

  • Teacher observation, participation, exit tickets, class assignments, quizzes, and special projects
  • Homework is not generally assigned unless a student is absent or fails to complete work during class time. Students will be given the opportunity to retake/make up any missed assignments.  Multiple opportunities for demonstration of essential learning goals are available throughout the year. It will be the student’s responsibility to schedule a time to complete the work.


    PE Participation:

  • Students will be able to receive up to 10 points per day
  • 2 points for proper attire and following directions.
  • 3 points for participation in the warmup.
  • 5 points for participation in main activity


Non - Dress Consequences:

  • 1st time = Warning – Student/Teacher Conversation.
  • 2nd time = Students will have points deducted from their daily grade.
  • 3rd time = Students will receive a zero for day and a parent/guardian contact.
  • 4th time = Students will receive discipline referral and a zero for the day.