C. Barfield

Hello My Name Is...

Christina Barfield


I am a 6th grade math teacher here at Breckinridge! Please feel free to reach 
out to me whenever you need.
Click here to reach my Canvas page. 
You can contact me at
[email protected] or 540-853-4067


TAG  8:20-8:45
Period 1-Honors Math 6 8:45-9:37 
Period 2-Math 6 9:40-10:30
Period 3-Math 6 10:33-11:43
Lunch 10:43-11:08
Period 4-Math 6 11:46-12:36
Period 5-Core Enrichment 12:39-1:30 
Period 6-Tutoring 1:33-2:23
Period 7-Planning 2:25-3:20