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Parent - Teacher Conferences for 7th Grade will be held during the following dates and times:

Friday, October 30th (9am - 3:20pm)
Monday, November 2nd (9am - 3:20pm)
Tuesday, November 3rd (3pm - 6pm)

Click HERE for parent - teacher conference request form. A teacher will contact you to schedule a specific time. Thank you!

6th Grade
6th graders are finishing an optical illusion and will begin a 1 point perspective drawing.  If time allows we will work on a radial design project.

7th and 8th grades
Students have created ceramic mugs.  They should be fired and painted by the end of the semester and ready to take home.
They are finishing an optical illusion and gold scratchboard project.  Next we'll tackle a 2 point perspective drawing.  If we have time they'll create a comic strip before the winter break.