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May 18, 2020

This Digital Applications class will have an impact on your High School GPA, if you did the work for this marking period, MP4, and take a Pass, it will average as a 60 with your other grades. So, if you had all B’s (80) in high school, a Pass in this class will lower that 80 when this class is averaged in.

There are 2 options for grading this H.S. credit class. 

  1. It can be a simple Pass or Fail (default if you do not email me that you want a grade)
  2. It can be a class grade with an average of all assignments for MP4. 

Allowing the Pass option can negatively impact your GPA.  I don't recommend it. 

If students finish all of the assessments in (GCF) and, the Final Project, they will end up with a really good grade, which is a positive for their GPA.  You must notify me that you want a letter grade.

I want the best for my students, so if you check your grades and it’s higher than a D or a 69 then you should definitely contact me for a grade instead of the Pass.

Those of you who have already contacted me, you're good.

May 11, 2020

It’s Finals time!

We are almost at the end. You just have to do a Final Project using PowerPoint about the topics we’ve covered this school year. This is a new way of accessing your knowledge in a more visual and creative way. You will be making an Infographic about each topic. No multiple choice or documents to create.

I have created a PPT DA Final Project that I want you to use. You will only have to add Infographics to 5 slides. Each of these slides ask a question that you have to answer by inserting at least 5 Infographics. Make sure to read the first 5 slides to understand what you have to do.

  1. First of all, save this file as file type “.PPT” and then name the file ‘Your name Final Project”.
  2. Think out of the box and be creative.
  3. After you have completed all 5 slides upload to Gradebook.
  4. Your done!
  5. Best of luck in High School!
This is the link to the file you will use:

Monday, May 4, 2020

I want to give a belated Happy Birthday to Ajdin as well as Great Job to him and Sarah for finishing all assignments! You are both doing wonderfully.

Those of you that have completed through Access on time, Good Job!

We are now on to a favorite this week, PowerPoint 2016 and PowerPoint Tips. Take your time and don't forget to upload your Quiz due this Friday 5/8/20. You can do it!

We are in the home stretch, with only a final project to complete. I will be posting that later this week. It will be a time to be creative and show me all you have learned.

Stay well and keep on Learning!

Tuesday, April 28th

Hopefully you’re all doing well. I can tell you that working from home can be difficult, I’m trying to balance my computer on 2 empty boxes so I can type on it. So, tell me a story of your learning from home, I imagine you have interesting things happening too and I’d like to know.

I have a call-out to a student that has exceeded my expectations by passing all three of the quizzes assigned and on time. He did a great job on them and is asking for more. His name is……Jordan Philpott! Good Job!

Now, if you haven’t finished our Access 2016 unit it is due Friday, May 1st, please get on it. We are moving onto everyone’s favorite, PowerPoint 2016. This should be an easy one for you but, you may still pick-up some new skills. This unit has 2 parts, the PowerPoint basics at this link and PowerPoint Tips and Tricks at this link. There is only a quiz for the PowerPoint 2016 but, you still have to do the PowerPoint Tips and Tricks. The due date for these are next Friday, May 8th.

We only have a few weeks left so don’t give up now, you can do this! I believe in you all and want you to earn this credit.

Keep taking care of yourself, wash your hands, don’t go out if you don’t have to. Get some exercise and eat right. We need you to be successful so you can achieve all you want to do in your life. I care about you and hope you stay well!


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I have changed the Calendar on my Teacher Page to reflect the progress I expect to see from you.  That is when your screen shot of your quiz should be uploaded to our gradebook. 

You will see that this Friday the 2nd assignment, Excel Formulas is due.

The next assignment will be on a new DATABASE program and it is the most difficult one we will be learning. It is Access 2016. Click here for the link and upload this unit test in 2 1/2 weeks May 1st

Remember you can read down the blog to catch up on what you have missed.

Last thing, you must upload your Quiz Score page copy to the gradebook AND you will have up until the end of the school year for partial credit,

Have a great day and stay healthy!

Friday, April 3, 2020
Hello all Digital Apps Parents and Students!

Finally we've had some good weather, just hope it stays through spring break. I has officially just begun as of 3:25! 

I just moved to the lake this week and can't wait to put our canoes in the water tomorrow, the weather should be even warmer! I hope you all get out side and enjoy nature, just don't get too close to others. Stay 6-10 ft. away if you can. This virus is serious and you don't want to spread it to the elderly or high risk people. 

Now, down to business, your first assignment in is due today. It is the Excel Basics quiz. Almost half the class has submitted it with an average of 85%. Great Job! Remember that the average of your grades will be part of your H.S. GPA. So don't blow it off. I just had a Zoom conference with my CTE Director and she wanted me to stress to you all that you can pass this course just do it! I know how talented you guys are and this new program is so much easier that it's really quite a break for you that you can do this instead. Please don't mess it up by not trying at all. If you see or talk to your classmates tell them that it will be great to have this credit out of the way so you can take other classes that you want when you go to high school this Fall! Can you believe that you're going to make it? Yeah!!!!!!

Let's support one another during these trying times. I miss you all and hope you enjoy your spring break!

I will not be sending out anymore e-mails until after break (I promise!) since I will also be taking a beak! Yes!!!!!  (Although I have sooooo much unpacking to do :()

April, 14th PLEASE  start CHECKing YOUR E-MAIL again DAILY!

If you have any questions please e-mail me through your school email after break! 

Monday, 3/30/20
Having trouble uploading your GCF Quiz?

I've noticed that many of you have not uploaded your 1st GCF Excel quiz.  Yes, it is not due until Friday, 4/3/20. I'm concerned you may have trouble with using the PrtScn Function button on your keyboard.
The following directions may help.

1. While you have your GCF quiz grade displayed on your screen.
2. Press the Fn + PrtScn keys together, this will capture your screen.
3. Open Word and Paste the screen shot onto the Word document.
4. Save the document as Excel Quiz.
5. Upload Excel Quiz to the gradebook as you've done before.

Friday, 3/27/20

Once your Excel Basics is done in your next assignment is Excel Formulas in GCFLearnFree.
This Unit Quiz is due in 2 weeks but you can work ahead if you like. Don't forget to upload your End of Unit Quiz Screen Shot to the gradebook.

Thursday, 03/26/20
We have a Change of Plans for your Digital Applications class. Please login today and start the Excel unit the link to it is here. Begin with Lesson 1: Getting Started with Lesson 1.

We will not be using G-Metrix and LearnKey as we were at school since many of you do not have it on your laptops.

We will be using GCF Learn Free to access the MS learning tutorials starting today. This program does not require student accounts and does not save your activity so:

  • You will have to take note of where you left off each day so you can start back up in the same location the next.
  • You need to perform all “Optional Practice Workbooks”. You will have to download each Practice Workbook for each lesson and modifying them as the lesson showed.
  • You should save each of them to a folder on your desktop by Program and lesson number.
  • Also, it does not send me the results of your end of unit quizzes that I will record in your gradebook.
  • You will have to capture a screenshot of your end of lesson quizzes so that you can save it as a file and upload it to our gradebook in Synergy for my entry.
  • You must upload these quizzes by the expected date unless you have notified me that you have a good reason to be late.
  • It is up to you to contact me or a 0 will be entered for your grade.

I have changed the Calendar on my Teacher Page to reflect the progress I expect to see from you and when your screen shot of your quiz should be uploaded to our gradebook. It will take you a much shorter time to cover these units so take your time to digest them.

Please login today and start the Excel unit the link to it is here.  Begin with Lesson 1: Getting Started with Lesson 1. Do not just look at the YouTube videos.