The Brigadier

Spelling Bee Winners

The Brigadier is the official name of the James Breckinridge Middle School Yearbook.

The Yearbook is a student run organization with an appointed advisor. The student leaders decide on the cover design, layout of the book as well as pages, the content, pictures, etc. It is something of pride for the students.

All student staff members are in charge of not only selling the yearbooks, but in selling of Ads, Page Sponsorships and recognizing Donors at various monetary levels.  Each school year, The Brigadier staff decides upon dedicating the yearbook to a faculty and/or staff member at James Breckinridge Middle School. If you are interested in becoming a part of this organization, please see either the editor-in-chief or the advisor. (TBA)

(*Above: Yearbook Picture: Spelling Bee Winners from 2014-2015)