Seven Rules
Major's Core Values

Respect Yourself: Do only those things that will help you to achieve a successful and healthy future.

Respect Other People: Treat other people with courtesy and justice.

Respect Property: Take care of your things, take care of those things which we share, and take care and return things you borrow.

The Seven Non-Negotiable Rules and Regulations


1.   Be in TAG and class on time.

2.   Leave all coats, large jackets, backpacks, string book bags, purses, and electronic devices in your locker.

3.   Be prepared to work every day and be on task while in class.

4.   Never interfere with the learning of another student by disrupting class.

5.   Respect others. Do not engage in physical or verbal violence.

6.   Keep our school clean. Do not graffiti or deface any part of school property.

7.   Keep food and drinks only in the cafeteria.