News of the Week

First Nine Weeks Updates!

Major News

This week your student has been discovering the exciting aspects of fiction. They have been learning to identify plot, character, conflict, theme, setting, rising action, falling action, main idea, and chronological order. Please try to have your student read daily. Weekly homework will begin Week 5 September 18 - 22. Your student needs to complete each daily assignment. It will be checked at the beginning of class each day.

Helpful Hint

To review "Elements of a Narrative" have your student watch a quick Pixar Short on Youtube. Then have your student draw a plot diagram and label the parts based on the short that they watch. This is a great practice tool.

Dates to Remember:

Remember September 7, 2017 from 6-7:00 pm.
September  22 - Interim
October 4 - Small Smiles
October 19 - Picture Day

This has been a wonderful start to the year! Thanks for all of your support!


Week five began our journey into Non-Fiction. Your students have been identifying main idea, summarizing what they have read, identifying text features, determining the structure that the author is using, and explaining the reason the author choose to write. The students have bee working very hard through each BDA and many were quite successful on their Non-Fiction Snapshot. They continue to really strive to be better readers.

Next week we will begin reviewing for the benchmark. You will see a benchmark review come home. Please study each night with your student and sign their study sheet. I appreciate your support and your student's effort. Thanks for all that you do!