News of the Week

First Nine Weeks Updates!

Dates to Keep In Mind
Remember "Back to School Night" September 15, 2016 from 6-7:30 pm.

Major News

This week your student has been discovering the exciting aspects of non-fiction. They have been learning to identify a variety of text features, text structure, determine the difference between fact and opinion, identifying main ideas, and summarizing what they have read. Please try to have your student read daily. Weekly homework began this week September 12-16. Your student needs to complete each daily assignment. It will be checked at the beginning of class each day.

Flip the Switch

As the nine weeks wraps up we have begun exploring the depths of Fiction. We are currently learning about the "Elements of a Narrative." They even know a little rap as a reminder.

Helpful Hint

To review "Elements of a Narrative" have your student watch a quick Pixar Short on Youtube. Then have your student draw a plot diagram and label the parts based on the short that they watch. This is a great practice tool.

To review Non-Fiction have your student read an article from a newspaper, magazine, etc. Then have your student identify its Text Features, Text Structures, Main Idea, Summarize the article, make a few inferences and conclusions.

Dates to Remember!

October 12 - Reading Benchmark
October 18 - Writing Benchmark
October 21 - Early Dismissal
October 28 - Report Cards come home
October 28 - Fall Festival

This has been a wonderful first nine weeks! Thanks for all of your support!

Second Nine Weeks Updates!

Last nine weeks your students did an amazing job annotating and comprehending both Fiction and Non-Fiction! As a whole, the sixth grade did an awesome job on the "Fall Benchmark." Mrs. Clinedinst, Ms. Isom, Mrs. Kreppeneck, and myself are pleased as punch with their motivation and determination to do their best on their benchmark test!
We have started our first novel "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen. We are continuing to annotate, identify main ideas, summarize, draw conclusions, make inferences, identify unfamiliar words, and so much more!
Please continue to look for weekly homework. We did not have homework weeks 8-9 due to benchmarks. Your student did have homework last week, week 10 as well as this week, week 11.
We are diving head first into figurative language. We are closely looking at personification, similes, metaphors, imagery, and idioms at this point.
Yet again, we have started the second nine weeks with a bang!

Wrapping Up 2nd Nine Weeks and Beginning Third! 

New Year New You! This is my motto as the final count down begins. I have seen some amazing improvements and have been very pleased with the start of the year! Your students scored over 70% on our first snapshot of the year. Below are the dates for the upcoming snapshots.

January 27th - Non Fiction
February 10th - Non Fiction
February 24th - Poetry
Simulation Window - March 6-13

Other Important Dates
February 20th - Parent Teacher Conference