Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Clinedinst

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Greetings Majors!

I am excited to be co-teaching in multiple subjects that I love this year. I have the pleasure of working with Ms. Dalton and Ms. Kidd in Science, Ms. Delapp in History, and Ms. Nguyen in Literature. I am also the case manager for several of my students.

We are nearing the close of the first grading period with Benchmark Testing beginning 10/10/18. Encourage your child to complete all assignments and hand them in to his/her teachers. Additionally, have the student start studying for Benchmarks. All students have been provided with study guides to assist them in reviewing material covered in classes.

My schedule is listed below.

1st period - Science (6th grade)
2nd period - Science (6th grade)
3rd period - Literature (6th grade)
4th period - History (6th grade)
5th period - Science (6th grade)
6th period - Science (7th grade)


If you need to reach me, please call the school at (540) 853-2251 and leave a message. I will return your call as quickly as possible.

Here are some sites for additional review and practice for students! Try them out.
           guest - bakerjm