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Ms. Bonds

My name is Lisa Bonds and I am a co-teacher in 7th grade English with Mr. Bryan Harrison. We are looking forward to our second nine-weeks with your children. Please know we are here to support your child in their education this year.

My work phone number is 540-853-2251 and hours of availability are
8:30 am-3:30 pm.

Daily Schedule:

Homeroom- 8:25-8:42
1st period -8th grade English -8:45-9:27
2nd period-Planning
3rd and 4th  periods- Mr. Hairston-7th grade English-10:21-12:19
5th and 7th periods- Mr. Hairston-7th grade English-12:22-1:53
7th and 8th periods-Mr. Hairston-7th grade English-1:58-3:30