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Ms. Bonds

My name is Lisa Bonds and I am a co-teacher in the general education classroom At Breckinridge Middle School.

We are now in second semester. Some students schedules have changed and they will have new electives. Students are now in the 3rd nine weeks. We at Breckinridge are working hard to ensure our students are getting all the extra assistance they may need in classes in which  they have challenges.

The 21st Century Program is available for tutoring after school. If you are interested please contact me or the guidance counselor for more information.

My work phone number is 540-853-2251 and hours of availability are
8:30 am-3:30 pm.

Daily Schedule:

Homeroom- 8:25-8:42
1st period - Planning -8:45-9:30
2nd period- M Carter- Civics-9:31-10:16
3rd and 4th  periods- Mr. Hairston-7th grade English-10:21-12:19
5th and 7th periods- Mr. Hairston-7th grade English-12:22-1:53
7th and 8th periods-Mr. Hairston-7th grade English-1:58-3:30