Welcome to US History 1!

Ms. Barrett

Declaration of Independence

Welcome to US 1!  

This year, our focus is on learning the skills necessary to help us understand the country in which we live.  We will cover topics such as geography, geographical regions, relationships, commonalities and differences in the people that shaped the beginning of the US up to 1865. 

In addition to the usual forms of assessment, we will continue to perform quarterly Project Based Assessments (PBAs).  These assessments will be in the form of an activity that students will complete using information they have learned throughout the 9 weeks. It is a culminating project, but not quite what we think of as a Unit Test.

This next week students will continue learning about the events that led to the Revolutionary War between the Colonies and England.  Focus will be placed on key people that helped with writing the Declaration of Independence and key battles: Lexington and Concord, Saratoga, and Yorktown.

This unit provokes a lot of good conversations and questions from students.  Please be sure to engage with them in conversation, and let them tell you about what they have learned in
 US 1 about the events that led to the independence from England.

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