Students: If you would like to 

continue your US History studies, 

please utilize the Newsela and US 

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I also added numerous resources

under the useful links tab. Please, 

continue to utilize your time wisely and 

become familiar with America's 

history, which you will need in 7th


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For added enrichment, try completing one of these activities per day.

Create a VENN diagram comparing and contrasting Reconstruction policies of the North and South.

Create a poster encouraging new laws to help the US recover after the Civil War

Create a timeline of the major events during Reconstruction

Create a chart with the regions of the US. For each region, list one city and one product the region is known for.

Make or find a list of all of the 50 states. Color code the list of the states by region of the USA. Create a key to your color coding.

Fill in a blank map of the 50 states of the United States.

Create a matching game using Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Robert E Lee as the content.

Write a paragraph about why or why not you think that statues of Robert E Lee should be removed from public locations in Virginia.

Make a list of all of Abraham Lincoln’s accomplishments. Now look at that list. Summarize the list by writing a short paragraph.

Create a cause and effect chart. In the cause portions, have the aspects of Westward Expansion. In the effect portion of the chart, list the effects on Native Americans.

Create a decision making model that would help you determine whether you should move west or not. .

Draw a picture illustrating the struggles during Westward Expansion.

Create a poster depicting all of the changes in the US during the Progressive Movement.

Define the term JIM CROW. Find examples of this term in history and create a list of them.

Explain the impact of an invention on how Americans lived.

If you could ask someone who lived during the Great Depression a question, what would it be and why?

Who from the Harlem Renaissance would you like to meet? Explain why?

The suffragettes fought to give women the right to vote. When women gained the right to vote in 1920, did this bring equality to women? Explain.

Why do you think Prohibition failed? Should the USA consider trying it again? Why or why not?

Does the US need more child labor laws? Why or why not?

Define the terms tenament and ghetto. Compare these two terms. How are they similar? How are they different?

Create a list of reasons for increased immigration in the early 1900s. Evaluate the list and think about if this list is still true today. Write a paragraph explaining your thoughts.

Find a map of the world and color in where immigrants to the USA came from during the first half of the 1900s. What generalizations do you see?

Do you think that immigrants in the early 1900s had it easier than immigrants today? Why or why not? Explain.

Create an illustration that depicts the term BIG STICK DIPLOMACY.

Create a cause/effect chart about the Spanish American War.

Create an illustration depicting America’s reasons for entering WWI.

Create a chart or illustrations explaining ways electrification changed American life.

Write a paragraph explaining how improved transportation changed American life.

Create an illustration explaining how improved communication changed American life.