Experimental Design Diagram (EDD)

The EDD summarizes the experiment in just a view words along with the diagram. It allows parts of the project to be seen easily, and also shows weaknesses or missing elements in the experimental design.  Your project must have an EDD. Use this form to complete the EDD and then you will type the EDD in class.


Title: The Effect of…

Hypothesis: “if…then” format

Independent Variable (IV): The variable the experimenter changes. The experimenter can only change one variable at a time.

Dependent Variable (DV): The variable that responds because of the change to the IV.

Control group: The group that does not receive the IV and is used as a comparison to the groups that receive the IV.

Constants: Those items in the experiment that stay the same in all the groups

Sample EDD


Title: The Effect of Various Amounts of Calcium Chloride on the Temperature of Water

Hypothesis: If more grams of calcium chloride are added to water, then the temperature of the water will increase.


IV: Amount of Calcium Chloride (grams)

← Independent Variable

 0 gram


10 gram

20 gram

30 gram

← Levels of IV including Control

5 trials

5 trials

5 trials

5 trials

Repeated Trials. Number of times each of the levels of IV was tested


DV:     Temperature of water                                     Dependent Variable

C:        Same amount of water (75ml)                                    Constants              

Same time to dissolve (2 min)                       

Constant stirring (2 min)