L. Barrett

6th Grade Science

Ms. Barrett

Water Droplet

Welcome to 6th grade Science!  

I'm excited to start the second half of this nine weeks!  It promises to be one of active learning.  The semester started with a Space Unit in which characteristics of the Sun and planets were discussed.  We will continue to review the units learned in the first semester through Focus questions and spiral homework.

Within the next few weeks, we will complete our studies of the earth's atmosphere and climate. Students will be engaged with creative projects, booklets, and typical quizzes to prove their learning.  I expect 100% participation daily with an accuracy rate of 85%.

I encourage you to read, read, read, all you can about the world around you. Don't just Google it, go out and experience it. Make qualitative observations by using your 5 senses, and quantitative observations by making measurements with different measuring tools! Record data and make predictions!

  Thank you, parents and students, for all the Valentine's Day goodies!  I am overwhelmed with the love and kindness! 

If you need to reach me, you can always send a note with your student, email me at, or by calling 853-2251 .