L. Barrett

6th Grade Science

Ms. Barrett

Water Droplet

Welcome to 6th grade Science!  

As we begin our last 9 week grading period, I begin to reflect on all the hard work JBMS students have put into their education.  I have the great good fortune to have Science students that are engaged and questioning their world around them.

This last grading period will be one in which students complete their studies of Weather and Climate, and start a unit on measurement that enriches the content being learned in their math classes.
Specifically, students will learn conversion of standard measurements to metric measurements.

As always, we will continue to review the units learned in the first semester through Focus questions and spiral homework.

My expectations of students are the same as always, 100% participation daily with an accuracy rate of 85%.

I encourage my students to read, read, read, all they can about the world around them. Don't just Google information, students are encouraged to go out and experience the science in the world in which they live.


If you need to reach me, you can always send a note with your student, email me at, or by calling 853-2251 .