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Hello!  My name is Laura Leonard and I am the School Psychologist assigned to JBMS. 

I am here to assist students in achieving success in life and in learning by completing special education evaluations, sitting on academic intervention and referral teams, and supporting and promoting positive social and emotional health.  I am in the building on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Please feel free to stop by and say hi, or seek out any assistance that you may need. You can also reach me at 853-1308 or

I also serve William Fleming High School, and enjoy the opportunity to watch our students grow and advance from middle school to high school.  Additionally, I have served many of the elementary schools in the NW part of the city, and have known some of our students since that time as well!  What a joy it is to see you blossom into the young men and women that you have become!

For information about School Psychologists and their role in the school system, please visit

One of my passions and main areas of interest is teaching students and teachers ways to stay more calm, present, and in tune with their thoughts and emotions.  This is a concept called "mindfulness." For additional information, please visit