Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Bias

Welcome to Health and Physical Education 2018-2019

I am looking forward to an exciting year.  My goal is to provide you with the skills and knowledge that will help you make positive lifestyle choices.

As s a  former student of Breckinridge Middle School it is an honor to return as your Health and PE teacher.  I am truly a MAJOR.

"Learning to Move, Moving to Learn"

Week of 8-21-18
Height and weight will be recorded.

Weeks of 8-27-18 & 9 -4-18
Students will be given locker combinations and PE uniforms.  

Week of 9-10-18
Students will demonstrate and model health classroom procedures and expectations.  Students will complete All About Me activity.

Week of 9-17-18
Students will complete fitness tests.

Week of 9-24-18
Students will identify the Health/Skill Related Components of Fitness.

Week of 10-1-18
Students will continue to complete fitness tests.

Week of 10-8-18
Students will identify the benefits of exercise and the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Week of 10-15-18
Students will perform a variety of dance/activity movements.

Week of 10-22-18
Students will identify Skill Related Components of Fitness.

Week of 10-29-18
Students will participate in Matball games.

Week of 11-5-18
Students will identify the FITT principle and know how to take their pulse and calculate Resting Heart Rate.  Students will also calculate Max Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate.

Week of 11-12-18
Students will participate in a Matball tournament.

Week of 11-19-18
Students will complete review and make up work.

Week of 11-26-18
Students will participate in Tutti Ball activities and games.

Week of 12-3-18
Students will identify body systems, organs and functions.

Week of 12-10-18
Students will participate in an activity of their choice.

Week of 12-17-18
Students will continue to identify body systems, organs and functions.

Week of 1-7-19
Students will participate in fitness circuits demonstrating the Health and Skill Related Components of Physical Fitness.

Week of 1-14-19

Students will identify the functions and structures of the Skeletal System.

Week of 1-22-19
Students will complete their goal phase fitness tests.