Math 8 2019-2020 Schedule

Topics for Math 8 2019-2020

We will follow this schedule of topics throughout the course of the school year. Snapshot dates are subject to change. There will be other in class quizzes with dates announced in class at a later date.

SOL 8.3ab Squares & Square Roots
SOL 8.1 Compare & Order Real Numbers
SOL 8.2 Real Number System
September 17th SOL 8.3ab, 8.1, 8.2 Snapshot

SOL 8.4 Consumer Math 
October 4th SOL 8.4 Snapshot

SOL 8.14ab Expressions, Order of Operations, Properties
SOL 8.17 Verbal Expressions & Equations, Solving Multistep Equations
SOL 8.18 Verbal Inequalities, Solving Multistep Inequalities
November 15th SOL 8.14ab, 8.17, 8.18 Snapshot

SOL 8.15ab Relations & Functions
SOL 8.16 Slope
December 19th SOL 8.15ab, 8.16 Snapshot

SOL 8.12 Boxplots
SOL 8.13abc Scatterplots
January 24th SOL 8.12, 8.13abc Snapshot

SOL 8.11 Independent & Dependent Probability
SOL 8.9 Pythagorean Theorem
February 28th SOL 8.11, 8.9 Snapshot

SOL 8.10 Composite Figures
SOL 8.5 Angle Relationships
SOL 8.8 3D Models
SOL 8.6 Surface Area & Volume
SOL 8.7 Transformations
SOL Review and Testing