Class Information

Band Class Information


1. Students will be on time and stay on task.

2. Students will be respectful and kind to all students, teachers and their instruments.

3. Bring only a pencil, music, and your instrument to class.  No phones, gum, food, or drinks (except water).

4. It is expected that students will keep their hands, body and their instrument to themselves.


40% - Full Participation
         One participation grade will be given each week based on the standard of 20 points               per day.

40% - Playing and Written Exams
         Students will be given 3-4 playing exams each grading period to ensure the content has          been grasped by the musician.

10%  - Concerts
              We work extremely hard for performances. It is expected that you attend and 
              participate in the Spring and Winter concerts unless there is a family emergency or
              legitimate illness.
10% - Practice Logs
               Students are expected to practice at least 10 minutes three times a week (or any               combination that equals thirty minutes a week).