~December 2018~

7th Grade:
Career Investigations 

Students will spend the last three weeks before winter break focusing on a career that truly inspires them, but for some reason(s) feel they could not pursue. Once this project is completed, we will be diving right into the final project which has a variety of parts to it. This project will count as their final exam for the course as this course ends right before winter break. 

8th Grade:
Business & Marketing

Students will learn about our ROTEC program and other various career paths that they can choose when in high school. From there, the students will be focusing on their final exam project of the course, Creating a New App. Students will have a planning packet that they will be working on to plan and brainstorm and then moving into the actual project soon after that. This project will be due right before winter break begins and this course ends. 

6th Grade: 9 week rotation (2nd rotation)
Make it Your Business
Students will be identifying professional slogans and logos and then brainstorming their final business idea project for the course. This project does count as their final exam project for the course. The students will create a business idea concept that they would like to open in the future. This course does end right before winter break. 

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