~Welcome to November!~

7th Grade:
Career Investigations 

Students searched for their first apartment using the scenario and budget that they received in class. From there, they began shopping for various rooms for their apartment while also on a different budget. Students have been enjoying the process of seeing what they would have to purchase when living on their own! They are also realizing how to manage their money and how to comparison shop.  

8th Grade:
Business & Marketing

Students have recently just searched for their first apartment while using a budget and a given scenario in class. They will take the next step in shopping for various rooms for their chosen house or apartment while using a budget. This project is accelerated for the 8th graders and they are practicing time management, money management, and sticking to deadlines. 

6th Grade: 9 week rotation (MP2) 
Make it Your Business
Students have been practicing various basic and intermediate skills in PowerPoint. They are currently working on their 3rd PowerPoint assignment and will be transitioning to their forth project later this week. Topics for their PowerPoints' have been: All About Me, My Favorite Season, My favorite TV Show or Movie.


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