~Week of November 6th & 13th~

6th Grade: Year Long
Keyboarding & Business Class

Students are coming to the end of their first semester with me! I can't believe how fast everything is going by this year. Currently, students just finished up an online article assignment where they were able to teach me about what they read. We are now heading into their mid-year semester exam project which will be begin on Wednesday (11/8). Students will complete a brainstorming planning packet and then head into their presentation. This project will count for 2 grades.

8th Grade:
Business & Marketing HS credit

Students are coming to the end of their shopping for their first apartment on a budget this week. They have enjoyed shopping for items that they will use to furnish their first apartment and actually see what apartments are available in the city and state they would like to live in on the budget that is set for them.
Next week, the students will head into a digital business idea project and then conclude the semester with their final exam project that will count for 2 grades.

6th Grade: 9 week rotation
Make it Your Business
Students wrapped up Microsoft Word last week and are now in Microsoft PowerPoint. Students completed a presentation about themselves and now will be heading into a presentation on their favorite show or movie. Students will spend this week completing their show/movie presentation and then head into their next presentation on their favorite season. We will conclude the PowerPoint unit with an entrepreneur project that they will complete towards the end of the month.

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