~Week of October 9th~

6th Grade: Year Long
Keyboarding & Business Class

Students have been in the process of spending on a budget! They have researched a few career ideas and now are "working." They are renting their first apartment and now learning to furnish their apartment on a budget. They are thoroughly enjoying this project and its been really fun to be able to witness their excitement!

8th Grade:
Business & Marketing HS credit

Students have been increasing their skill level in PowerPoint 2016 and their step by step instruction skills. Students are working towards researching a variety of information on the high school that they plan on attending next year.

6th Grade: 9 week rotation
Make it Your Business
Students are working on creating their final project for the course; their new business idea. Students have brainstormed and created the idea of what they wanted and are now using their ideas to create and design their final PowerPoint presentation to present to the teacher in the next few weeks! 

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