Currently what all of my classes are doing :)

7th graders: Career Investigations
Students have been working on shopping for their first apartment working in their career of choice and on a budget! They have been enjoying the process of buying items for their apartment, searching for an apartment in the city and state in which they would love to live when they are older, as learning the process of making sure they don't go over the budget that has been set for them. We will conclude the remainder of this week working on this project.

8th graders: Principles of Business & Marketing/High School Credit Class
My 8th graders are currently working on choosing an article that pertains to a favorite product, service, or business of their interest. When making that choice, they choose an article that interests them using the website provided in class and complete questions about their article. Students are creating and designing a presentation to teach me about what they read and what they learned throughout their article reading and teach me about it.  

6th graders: Make It Your Business:
Students have been working on developing, creating, and designing their final business idea project highlighting their business that they would like to open in the future! My student's creativity, excitement, and imagination with this project has brought a huge smile to my face. I can't wait to see their final project put together and presented to me in March. :)

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