~January 2018~

6th Grade: Year Long
Keyboarding & Business Class

Students will continue to enhance their skills and applications in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as we begin this second half of the school year together. Students, will be focusing on more research assignments and then turning their research into a presentation to teach the teacher about what they have learned throughout that process. Students will also be working on enhancing their researching skills and techniques as they use the Internet in various ways for their school work. 

8th Grade:
Business & Marketing HS credit

With my new 8th grade class this second half of the school year, we are continuing to practice our routines, procedures, and expectations in the classroom. Not only for my students, but for myself as well. I tell my students all the time, if I am not doing what I am suppose to do, then we all can't be successful together. The students are focusing on some basic skills in Word to get them reviewing applications from 6th and 7th grade computers, and then we will be approaching more research type assignments which will lead us into PowerPoint review together. 

6th Grade: 9 week rotation
Make it Your Business
My new group of 6th graders have been wonderful to see and teach! We are finishing up Microsoft Word together and focusing on getting to know one another. We will be slowly progressing to PowerPoint this month and focusing on various applications and skills within that program. 

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Please always know if you ever need to get in touch with me, please feel free to do so: is the best way to reach me quickly or you may contact the school by phone. I am also available for extra help Thursday mornings at 7:30am- 8:00am.
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