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Kid Computer

  • Where is 2017 going!!!. It is already March and soon to be April.
    **We continue this semester by exploring
  • Work Place Readiness,
  • Coding with special opportunity to earn your 20 HOURS OF CODING Computer Science Certificate,
  • Advanced level - which will combine Algebra and Geometry,
  • Our main material of
    Internet Research along with
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • WORD,
  • EXCEL (4th 9 weeks)

    Below you will find a description of the classes I teach...

    Computer Applications – 36 weeks

Course Description

Students develop or review correct keyboarding techniques and gain a basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics, and telecommunications applications. Students demonstrate an understanding of computer concepts through application of knowledge. Students learn to use software packages and local and worldwide network communications systems. Grade 8 Computer/Technology Standards of Learning are incorporated and reinforced in this course.

Recommended prerequisite(s): Keyboarding course(s) or teacher-approved demonstration and documentation of touch keyboarding skills

Keyboarding – 9 weeks

Course Description


This course is designed for middle school students to develop and enhance touch skills for entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbol information on a keyboard. Students compose and produce personal, educational, and professional documents.