L. Barrett

Physical Science

Ms. Barrett

Chemistry Lab.png

As we begin the 2019-2020 school year, please let me welcome you to Breckinridge Middle School.  It is a school rich in diversity and strong in academic and sports programs.

We begin the second quarter studying atoms, protons, neutron, electrons, and atomic theory. This will be followed by studying the Periodic Table of Elements, and chemical bonds. Those topics will lead us into physical and chemical changes.  Several activities are planned in which students will work individually, with partners, and in teams. The skills learned concerning lab safety and classroom procedures at the beginning of the course will allow students to engage and interact in an organized and efficient way leading to successful activities.

My expectations of students are the same as always, 100% participation and cooperation, daily with an accuracy rate of no less than 85%.

I encourage my students to read, read, read, all they can about the world around them. Don't just Google information, students are encouraged to go out and experience the science in the world in which they live.


Should you need to reach me, please send a note with your student, email me at, or by calling 853-2251 .