L. Barrett

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Physical Science
Team Barrett

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my teacher page. Though this years is going to be different for everyone, I am still excited to start.  Why you may ask?  Well, though I have taught for many years, I have never taught ONLY virtual classes.  This is a challenge and I am up for it.

OK, now, I did not wake up one day and decide that virtual teaching was going to be easy and all I needed to do was log in.  Actually, there is so much more to it than that. It's been difficult, but what made it seem easy is knowing that I am on a team that has my back.  

Being a team is what is going to make this work for you, your parents, and me. We have to communicate and support each other. Many of you have heard me say, in the hallways, that I am here to help you through Physical Science, not to prevent you from learning it.  Think about that last sentence. So, in essence, I am your Physical Science coach that will show you and guide you, you are the player that needs to practice the skills, and your parents are the audience that will support and encourage you.

On Team Barrett, you will be expected to

 1.Show up every day with the proper learning tools.
2. Focus on the lesson and ask for clarification when needed.
3. Practice the assignment.
4. Be ready for the assessment. 

Click on  HANDOUTS  on the left to get to a folder labeled JBMS 20-21 that contains useful information about this school year...for example, how parents can pair with classes on Canvas, ParentVue instructions to create an account and see your schedule, how to log in daily so you won't be marked as absent, etc.  If you have any questions, my contact info is below, as well as in Canvas.  

See you Monday 8/31/20

Contact information:

Office hours 9:30am - 11am, M-F
Call/Text my Google number (724) 292-4179

We may not be in a classroom together, but I am, as always, available to help.