~Welcome to September!~

7th Grade:
Career Investigations 

Students have been researching various career choices based on their interests, but also after taking an interest assessment quiz on their likes and dislikes on certain topics. They have created a Flyer on a chosen Career using their Word skills and applications. Currently, students completed research on a chosen career they could see themselves doing right now! They are using their research to develop and create a detailed PowerPoint presentation. 

8th Grade:
Business & Marketing

Students have enjoyed getting introduced to various advertising concepts and marketing topics by watching some commercials. From there, we have chose a company that they would like to advertise for and created a PowerPoint using their research. Currently, students researched a favorite product that they enjoy and have been working on creating a detailed and professional looking PowerPoint presentation. 

6th Grade: 9 week rotation 
Make it Your Business
Students have been exploring the basic applications of Microsoft PowerPoint. My current 6th grade classes are blowing me away with their attention to detail and creativity! They have created a PPT about themselves, on their favorite season and currently on their favorite TV show or Movie. With each PPT project, skills, applications and knowledge increases as they become more detailed to help prepare them for their final exam project of the course that will be coming up next month!


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