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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. The best way to contact me is via email

Hello! This is my third year teaching at James Breckinridge Middle School and I am very excited to be working with your child. 

Math 7 Course Outline

*Perfect Squares and Square Roots (SOL 7.1)
*Review Place Value
*Powers of Ten (SOL 7.1)
*Scientific Notation (SOL 7.1)
*Ordering Rational Numbers and Scientific Notation (SOL 7.1)
*Absolute Value (SOL 7.1)
*Word Problems (SOL 7.2)
*Proportions (SOL 7.3)

Fall Benchmark Test

*Calculating Taxes, Tips, and Discounts (SOL 7.3)
*Similar Figures (SOL 7.3)
*Quadrilaterals (SOL 7.6)
*Expressions (SOL 7.11)
*Replacing Variables with Values and Solving (SOL 7.11)
*Writing Verbal Statements Algebraically (SOL 7.12)

Winter Benchmark Test

*Solving 2-Step Equations (SOL 7.12)
*Solving and Graphing 1 & 2-Step Inequalities (SOL 7.13)

Winter Break

*Writing Linear Equations/Slope and Y-intercept (SOL 7.10)
*Transformations: Translations and Reflections (SOL 7.7)
*Surface Area and Volume of Rectangular Prisms and Cylinders (SOL 7.4)

Spring Simulation Test

*Probability (SOL 7.8)
*Creating and Interpreting Histograms (SOL 7.9)
*Comparing Graphs: Line, Stem-Leaf Plot, Circle, Histogram (SOL 7.9)

Spring Break

Review for Math 7 SOL Test


The Roanoke City Public Schools grading scale is as follows:
90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
59 and below = F

The distributing percentages for my class are as follows:
Classwork: 30%
Tests: 30%
Quizzes: 20%
Homework: 20%